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Hi babes!

Here you’ll find little tips, tricks, articles, podcasts, books, etc, that have changed my life for the best! Including and not limited to, important ingredients, rituals, & more small, but wise, changes you can easily incorporate into any busy schedule!

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Book Rec-

I’ve recently been getting into the self-help book world and i’ll tell you WhUt, I feel amazing. I’ve been really opening up my mind and previous opinions and trying some new things out as I read. #1 book rn- (& I am SURE you have heard of it) You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero. If you haven’t already, A MUST READ.

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#1 thing I’ve noticed in energy levels & overall well being is to MOOOOVVEEEE!!! Even if you work out everyday, spend a little more time stretching. Do yoga everyday? Find a friend and go lift heavy things up and put them down. Sit on the couch and literally do nothing all day? Walk a mile. I love finding new ways to move, it keeps your body guessing & your mind releasing endorphins.



I’m new to the meditating game, but social influencers Chris Soll (@chrissoll) & Beverley Cheng (@beverleycheng) can’t speak highly enough of it. I’m looking forward to reaping more benefits.